I would like to introduce myself and provide some brief information as to my joining the VMBC in June of 2008. My interest in motor bikes began approximately in 1958 (I was 10 years old) when I noticed the new line up of Sears Allstate Mo-Peds on the sales floor. As mentioned in a previous article in the club magazine, Yard-Man Corp. formerly located in Jackson, Mi. was planning to manufacture the “Yard-Man” Motorette scooter. My father worked for the company and brought home on week ends other purchased scooters (Cushman, Vespa, Lambretta etc.) to gain ideas for the Motorette. The neighborhood kids including my sisters and me were treated to rides and this fueled my interest in motorized transportation.

I heard of the VMBC at a breakfast gathering and shortly after, I was on the way to Portland. Upon arriving on the first day of the meet, I was amazed at the Jay County Fairgrounds beautiful setting and all the activities going on! I was hooked and joined the club. I purchased a 1960 Vespa that was restored by Vic Fletchall from Missouri. My collection of bikes has increased since my first purchase. I do ride them all as Michigan weather permits.

I represent the VMBC as “club items manager” selling hats, magazines, decals etc. to attendees at the Portland meets and through mail order at my home in Jackson, Mi. I do enjoy this volunteer position as it introduce me to a significant number of people who share our passion for vintage machines. When I describe a summer Portland meet to friends, ……. “It’s everything on wheels that is imaginable”! I was asked to assist Darren Chafin and the board as V.P. I accepted the position at the 2013 banquet. I want to thank Ron Bussey for his work and dedication to the VMBC.

I will do my best to positively represent the VMBC as we all look forward to future growth, fellowship, and Great Meets!