Although I have only been a member of VMBC since 2002, I have actually been involved since I was a small child. My dad is a lifetime member, and has been an active member and board member since 1977. I grew up watching him bring home his Cushmans, Highlanders, and Road Kings in frames and boxes; then watched him transform them into the vintage machines we know and love to see all shiny and restored. I began attending the Portland meet as adult about15 years ago and began helping then secretary, Joyce Lee at the membership table. Joyce eventually convinced me to take over the job in 2007. I was not able to keep the job for very long due to the demands of my full time job, family, and managing a club of over 2000 members so I gave it up about 5 years later. Darren Chafin asked me to help him manage the membership area of the club and oversee the area during the meet. The club has gotten so large, it was decided to create a 2nd Vice President position for which I was elected to in 2013. It has been an amazing experience for me because I have shared it with my dad. I have learned a few things about vintage machines, but by no means am I an expert!