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Doodle Bugger
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Hi Darren-

I very much appreciate the response.

It’s helpful to have more insight and thus a better understanding of the club’s financial position, how membership fees are allocated (spent), and what the club’s significant financial challenges are. As to rising costs, I’m sure everyone can relate in some way to that.

I (and I suspect most members) was not aware that filling the editor role has become so problematic and has moved us to the point that bumping up membership dues was necessary because this will likely become something we have to pay for in the future. Unfortunately, I am another one of the many that isn’t able to step up to do the job as my [paid] work life already sucks up most of my time and the rest of the time I try very hard to spend with my wife & daughter.

I agree with the importance of a web presence and think you’ve done a great job with this and could certainly consider moving the club into the 21st century with a website to be your legacy. The fact that you’ve invested heavily in it personally is really incredible and is certainly something I was not aware of. That said, the fact that it was done on a “budget” is even more amazing…my assessment is that you’ve done well for the money here.

Thanks for explaining the situation with making the magazine available online. I certainly understand if there is a sample publication made available online and think that’s a good idea. I just didn’t want to see ALL magazines end up online where they could be accessed by anyone for free while the membership was still paying for the magazine to be created in the first place…that I would disagree with.

I think you’re on the right track here.