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There a lot of issues that you brought up:

-Arriving early
-Reserving space / spreading out
-Flea Market / Unrelated items for sale
-Board vacancies

Going through these one by one, I’ll start with arriving early. This is a tough one and is an issue I have read about in the club magazine for years. As long as the fairgrounds are open and willing to accept campers, there is absolutely ZERO that the VMBC can do if VBMC members show up before the club takes possession of the grounds and the meet officially starts. The only way to stop early arrivals would be if the perimeter were completely secured and there was no camping allowed during, for example, the entire week leading up to the meet. That just isn’t going to happen. This isn’t just a VMBC issue…all clubs with big meets have the early birds that show up early, do trading amongst themselves, and are ready to pack up and hit the road just as the meet officially starts. I wish there was really a way to deal with it, but there just isn’t short of shutting the place down and allowing nobody in prior to the official VMBC dates (again – it ain’t gonna happen).

Taking too much space and holding space for other people is something that could be controlled, but like you said, you’d have to map it all out and assign spaces. I see this turning into nothing but a giant headache for the administration and think you’ll probably do little more than upset people. First come, first served seems to still be the most reasonable way to deal with camping locations. Folks should be reasonable about the amount of space they take and what they try to save for others, but the fact of the matter is that camping there is a free-for-all and folks are going to do what they want to do unless there is a massive crackdown with huge amounts of manpower. My opinion is that the best use of time and energy would be to let this go.

Flea market type items at “special interest” events (like the VMBC meet) irritate me, personally. If I go to a motorcycle meet or antique car meet, I don’t want to have half of the swap meet spaces full of crafts, cheap sunglasses, or miracle cleaning products, yet I see all of those things almost everywhere I go. Frankly, it’s been a few years since I’ve been able to be at the VMBC meet, but I don’t recall it being that bad. This is something else extremely difficult to control without being really hardcore about it and using a lot of manpower. Some of the “better” events I attend kick people out with unrelated items and ban them from coming back in the future – but that takes a lot of time and effort and you can’t be afraid of making people angry. Probably not something the VMBC really wants to get into.

The situation with the lack of board members, your desire to step down as President, and the Editor opening is all information that needs to be put in the club magazine along with what the requirements REALLY are and what the job REALLY entails. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, someone would just about have to be local to the Portland area so as to be able to meet in person and always attend the meet. If there are official roles for those of us that live a little further away (1,000 miles in my case), that is something I would be interested in, but I obviously cannot participate in regular meetings in person that are taking place 1,000 miles from home. Even the editor job…can that be done remotely? Has anyone ever thought about having board members from long distances participate in meetings via conference call or over the internet somehow? Is attending the meet absolutely critical? There are probably a lot of folks out there that are like me…they are interested, passionate about motorbikes/scooters, but live a long ways from Portland and question how they would be able to participate. “The club” really needs to find a way to tap these folks as they are probably the ones that will ensure the future of the club.