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Look into registering it in the state of Vermont. Yes, seriously.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Vermont, haven’t ever lived in Vermont, and won’t ever live in Vermont. They do not issue titles, but you can register the bike in Vermont and they’ll send you license plates and everything that you need to be legal. You just won’t necessarily be operating the machine in the state of Vermont which is ok. Once the machine is registered and plated, it is legal in all 50 states.

At that point you have two choices:

1. You can keep in registered in Vermont forever and simply pay the annual fee to renew the registration (again, regardless of where you live)


2. You can take your Vermont registration to your home state and explain to them that the machine is registered in Vermont and you’d like to transfer it to your state. When they ask why you don’t have a title, you’ll be able to show them that Vermont is a “no title” state at which point they’ll either transfer your registration or draft a title in your home state or they’ll tell you “sorry” and you’ve really lost nothing because you can keep the bike registered in Vermont as is.

Yes, this is legal. I have done this myself with a Vespa that never ever had a title (and was sold new in Italy, not in the US). Many, many people in the Vespa & Lambretta community register their machines in Vermont due to lack of titles. It seems they are happy to register the machines in return for collecting your annual fee.

DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE “TITLE SERVICES” LIKE BROADWAY (just google them to see why). They are slow, expensive, and risky. Plus now many states are cracking down on no-title bikes that have been run through Broadway. Avoid. Most states have a provision for legally getting a title (some easier than others) but the Vermont angle is a sure-fire deal. Check it out!