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Darren Chafin
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This years meet was a difficult one. There wasn’t much space to camp due to the soggy ground so we had several vendors, campers on the pavement which made it difficult to navigate. Still waiting on final numbers, but it wasn’t attended near as much as previous years. Lots of die hard members still made the best of it, but after so many days of constant rain it just got the best of everyone.
The only real good thing to come out of this years meet was the turnout at the club banquet Monday evening. We have about 265 people show up for it. I was shocked that there were still that many people on the grounds, but they come out of the woodwork. That was about 90 more than last year, and they all thought we should do it again next year. If the weather would have co-operated we would have surpassed 300 I’m sure. Hopefully next year the weather isn’t near as bad.