It’s our 50th Anniversary!

The Vintage Motor Bike Club, or VMBC, was formed in July 1972. The club is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of motorized bicycles and scooters, and balloon tire bicycles of the historical days gone by. We are always evolving to include vintage machines of the past! What does “vintage” mean? Well, VMBC defines vintage as a machine that is over 25 years old. Through the years, our membership has grown from a hundred members to over 2,000. We attribute this growth to our focus on family and the continued evolution of what vintage means. We are also growing with the world of technology by adding an interactive website and Facebook Group, and are looking into more ways to spread the word about VMBC.

VMBC membership is $30/year (June 1 through May 31) and entitles you to receive a copy of the VMBC Charter, Membership Roster (upon request),  the VMBC magazine when published,  and FREE advertising (up to 100 words) in any or all of the magazine issues. We have an annual meet that is held in Portland, Indiana at the Jay County Fairground in June. It is attended by thousands of people, not only from the USA but also from Canada and overseas. We have several rides, a nightly parade around the fairgrounds, games for kids and adults, an auction, show bikes with judging and trophies, and a banquet.

Meet Our Officers

Paul Gerhardt

Phone: 937-605-4531  

Doug Baldanzi

Phone: 408-482-7349  

Tom Zimmerman

Phone: 260-726-5104

Debbie Baldanzi

Phone: 408-482-7349  

Ted Lusher

Phone: 415-250-7279

Debbie Jackson

Phone: 260-251-8575