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Darren Chafin
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I haven’t even tried to contact Terry. I need to do it, but I have been invested in two different projects lately. One of them totally not related to scooters but motorcycles (Indian Motorcycles to be exact). I have been working on my Indian that has needed attention for a long time. I’m also working with my dad on a project of his. He bought a new Whizzer last year and he said he is going to have it done to ride this year. He started to paint it with a spray can (bug bomb) that just wasn’t co-operating with him. I don’t do spray cans unless it is a very very small part. So I have somewhat talked him out of the spray can thing and I want to do it right with automotive paint. So Ive been busy with that stuff and believe it or not the gear up for this years meet has already begun too! I have some changes that have taken me a while in this website and still adding to it, the board meeting coming up, and magazine and editor issues to deal with. So it’s been busy! Look for some changes here and there through out the site.