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Darren Chafin
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Years ago I suggested some kind of a tech session or class on how to trouble shoot a carburetor or how to check to see if a lighting coil is ok for use. It didn’t go over very well at the board. If I remember correctly there just wasn’t anyone willing to dedicate any time for such a class, or anyone that was willing to be questioned on so many different parts of a scooter. I thought it was a great idea and not that many questions would be raised as long as it was a class dedicated to a single subject. Also it was suggested that scooters weren’t as complicated as say Harleys or Indian motorcycles and most any person with a little mechanic abilities could fix whatever.
Well the subject just got lost and forgotten with all the other priorities that the board had to do and take care of for the Portland meet.

On another note I tried to hold a session on the website two years ago. It didn’t go over very well. I think maybe six members were interested in knowing more about it. I know the subject matter is different than a tech session or class, but it seemed that not many were interested at the meet. Now taking into consideration that not many members seem to do much on the computer that may have had some to do with it, or the fact that it was a nice day. Who knows? I do think tech classes do go over well at other meets. I’d be willing to arrange a class if someone would like to lead something like that.

As for promoting this website, I have lots of ideas! Some things will be noticeable at Portland promoting it. Also I’m going to advertise the meet in a few magazines that we haven’t ever taken an add in before. I too wonder what is taking so long for members to use it as a resource for restorations, parts, items for sale and wanted, but I just have to remember that the website isn’t really all that old. I believe it will catch on, but I think it will take longer than I would like it to. If we can just get these forums started with some good conversation it will grow. On the positive side of thinking, this website is only about 5 months old and it is much better than the old website.