2020-2021 Membership Dues and Future Meet Dates

2020-2021 Membership Dues

You’ve heard the saying, “the early bird gets the worm”, in the case of VMBC this year, the saying is “The early bird gets the license plate”. The first 1000 members who pay their 2020-2021 membership dues by September 1st will be mailed a custom VMBC license plate! The plate will be mailed with the Fall magazine. If there are any more available after this, they will be made available for a postage included $5.00.

Membership Cards

Also to be included with the Fall magazine will by your 2020-2021 membership cards. Although the “expiration date” on these cards will say July 1, 2021, they WILL NOT get you into the 2021 Meet.  Which leads me to my last item, the dates for the next couple meets:

The 2021 Meet will be held June 16-19

The 2022 Meet will be held June 22-25

-Club Secretary Debbie Jackson


  1. Samuel Lees says:

    Do the dues run till the end of the yearor do they run from june or july of the next year?

  2. Glen Reeves says:

    Love to be the early bird! Where to send and how much and can I pay both years, this and next?

    • Dkjackson says:

      Please only send one year at a time and send to P.O. Box 709 Portland IN 47371. Thanks!!

  3. terry hawke says:

    WHO & HOW did these dates get changed to June???????????????????
    Always July, was there a vote on moving the dates to June?
    Definite conflict of interest for some of us. Big change.
    2020 marked my 30th year membership and 2019 was 25th year of the Pony Truck.
    All good things must come to an end, good luck.
    Membership should be from event to event, no matter the date.
    Terry Hawke (Pony Cycle family)

  4. Kevin Wilder says:

    Outlaw Portland was great, for the tragic times going on in the world. The VMBC should of supported this event and had an information table there for all of the new attendees (a younger group). We need new membership! As for the change of dates for the next two meets, what a great blunder of a mistake! We need space for new people, not the golfster, truckster and, RV convention that will be in a nearby state before our meet. People don’t 9N ford tractors to the crown victoria meet. We don’t need old, dead weight runoff from that other club.

  5. Joe L Smelser says:

    I just paid my dues for 2020. Will I get a license plate in the fall magazine or do I need to pay for next year too?

  6. Kevin says:

    little late to the party. I don’t know who I need to thank for Portland???
    Who ever made this year’s Portland a BIG success i THANK YOU BIG TIME!!!! I look forward to this show every year and was crushed to read that it was canceled. This year was a great success and in a few instances BETTER than usual
    Again THANK YOU to the wonderful people who made this great show happen and look forward to seeing my friends next year. Lastly everyone needs to check out the doodlebug reunion in Webster city iowa. Killer rides and great time

  7. Tom "MONTANA" says:

    I don’t know who’s idea it was to change the dates to mid June without a membership vote, but for some of us it’s a huge sacrifice. That puts it on top of two shows I do in MO. Thanks…

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