48th Annual Club Meet Cancelled

A Meet update from Club Secretary Debbie Jackson:

After much deliberation, and at the recommendation of the Health Department, the 2020 meet has been cancelled!

The secretary and treasurer will be working together to refund any monies due from camping and the banquet.  Membership cards will be mailed out in the near future.

Thanks so much!!


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    Russell Gisewite says:

    My wife & son along with myself have attended the Portland meet for several years and just want to thank the club for all they are doing to try and still have the meet this year in a safe manner. Thanks again for all the hard work you all are doing & hope to see everyone in July.

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    Gary E Dougherty says:

    Are you having the Antique Tractor Show?
    The Bike show and swap meet?
    Thanks much .. Gary E Dougherty Michigan

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    danny adams says:

    very disappointed to hear this. if any event could have been held with some social distancing and precautions i was hoping it would be this one. hope everyone has a safe and healthy summer, see you next year. (hopefully)

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    Kevin Rosen says:

    Absolutely stupid!!!! The same fools who decided to cancel the show are probably ok standing in line at Costco and think it’s ok because I have a mask!!! Wow is all I can say. I would expect this level of stupidity from someone from California because Cali is pretty much the king of the dip shits! If you are scared of the covid crap then stay home and don’t screw it up for the people who want to go. Feel bad for the town of Portland because of all the revenue lost. I completely will join others who want to attend without the club…..SOOOOOOOO SAD. WAKE UP PEOPLE

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      Ted Lusher says:

      Whats this decision got to do with Ca. Kevin? The Presidents from Ohio Wingnut! Out of all the board members there’s only two Officers residing in Ca. husband and wife . I guess they make all the decisions for everyone? The majority of board members are from In. Oh. and Il. Wish it showed what state your from so I can generalize overall stupidity there.

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    Robert Lee says:

    I, too, am disappointed. They should have the show & let those who want to go come. I think the members should go anyway. Get the word out.

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    Kevin Wilder says:

    It was’nt over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. You all gonna sit around and do nothing. So lets get with it! Outlaw events are always the best. We don’t need no stinking club. The Chief Blackhawk chapter of the antique motorcycle club went Outlaw so ,why can’t we. Just remember as Dirty Harry said man has got to know his limitations and, we can have a wonderful event. I don’t know anyone at Portland who holds hands and sucks face the all day long, and thats the facts Jack

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    Jake says:

    Actually it was the Japanese

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    Robert Kurkowski says:

    I attended the ‘Outlaw’ Portland meet and had a really good time and I would like to Thank the folks who floated the idea of a meet outside of the VMBC. I understand and respect the VMBC position but I make my own decisions regarding my personal well-being and I chose to attend the outlaw meet. Through the motorbike hobby I have met people that I only see once a year and it was great to be able to meet up with them again this year because of this outlaw meet.

    Although the meet was not overly crowded it had a decent amount of folks who showed up especially on Wendesday and everybody was as friendly as can be. To be honest I bought more items this year then in years past.

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