48th Annual VMBC Meet Scheduling Update

Regards the upcoming July 29-Aug 2 Vintage Motor Bike Club Meet in Portland IN, a note from Club Secretary Debbie Jackson: In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, “A decision will be made in early June as to whether the meet will be canceled or not. I ask that anyone planning on sending money for camping or the banquet please hold off on sending in your payments until something is posted.” Thank you.


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    Teresa Sitton says:

    I hope things are better so this won’t be cancelled.

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      Robert Livesay says:

      We look so forward to Portland every year, I think we all need the reunion this year more than ever!!!! Looks like we’re making positive decline on the virus

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    Gregory Dalia says:

    Planning on coming from NY with 3 others. Hope the show goes on as planned.
    Stay safe all.

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    Mark A. Swem says:

    Has anyone heard if they’ve canceled the meat for July 2020 if anyone knows please keep me in your loop thank you very much be safe

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    Jay Niemann says:

    I have attended the VMBC nationals every year, without missing, since 1977. If need be, we could practice personal separation, and go on with our meet. For many people, “Portland” as our national meet has been affectionately called , has become the ONE scooter event they look forward to. With so many churches, restaurants, and other organizations opening back up it would be a wrong to cancel our July event. Thank you

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    Terry geer says:

    We are the Grumpy Peddlers we are12 all hoping we can come to this event this year ..

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    paul frey says:

    I hope and pray that the VMBC has enough stones to hold the meet.

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