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Darren Chafin
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Arriving early, yeah we have brain stormed for years how to deal with it, and we are still always revisiting the issue. Our meet following immediately after the Jay County fair has helped prevent (the two weeks before the meet starts people) people from arriving soooo early. It’s really been working in our favor to hold the meet after the fair. That’s about all we can do in my opinion.

As for the flea market stuff, we can’t afford to tackle this issue right now as you stated. It would just be so very labor intensive, and we can’t afford that right now. Besides I really don’t think it is a huge issue.

We have advertised for help with the magazine several times before. It hasn’t taken up a half page before like we will be posting in the next issue, but I feel very few members actually read the magazine. Believe me, it will be made clear at the meet this year that we need an editor!