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Darren Chafin
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Well it looks like this years meet might be a little damp. Portland (along with where I live near Lima, OH) has seen record amounts of rain. I’m not worried though. We have had plenty of rainy events and the members have always managed to have a good time. I’m dropping my camper off tomorrow and I’ll see just what we are up against this year. I still think we are going to have an outstanding meet this year.
I always get a lot of phone calls at this time of year from members, and usually every year it seems there is a question that is asked a hundred times by different members. This year it has been “what is the condition of the Portland grounds” LOL, but I have received several calls from new people wanting to inquire about our meet. Several of them have said they can’t wait to see what the meet is all about.
So I think that is exciting to know that our meet is getting advertised in one way or another.
I’d also like to notify those who check back at our website and don’t say anything, that our website is getting visited everyday by several people everyday. So if you post something, don’t think it isn’t getting any traffic! I have no idea why some of our subjects aren’t getting any responses, but the subjects or posts are getting read.
I am excited to work with this new editor. I think he will bring a lot of professionalism and new ideas to our magazine. I have several topics that he can report on including promoting this website and striking interest to join in on the forums.
So for those of you who want to see these forums grow, just keep coming back and posting even if you think no one is here. They are!

That’s it for now. See you all at Portland.