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      My dad bought a restored 49 Whizzer to relive his childhood.
      He gave it to me. I have been having fun learning to set the jets on the carb and riding it around the neighborhood.
      Fun, that is, until the pulley popped off the spokes.
      I spent the better part of a day getting it back on, getting it centered and tightening all the bolts that grip the spokes.
      And my first attempt to start it after that resulted in the pulley popping off again.

      The pulley (some references call it a sheave?) has S shaped spoke holders stamped in to it so I think I am putting it back together properly. If I over tighten the bolts that grip the spoke they have a tendency to squeeze out of the S and pop free, so it was a compromise on how tight I could go.

      Am I doing something wrong? Would pictures help?

      If this is not in the proper section or if there is a better forum, please let me know.

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