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      It is a fun activity. It energizes you and rejuvenates you. It is healthy, and it is environmentally friendly. With bike riding, it is easy to move around, have fun, and still achieve a score on your health card. Whether it is you or your child, bike riding is one of the things that you might want to try in life. Since you are her, then you might want to know how it is done. Try these easy and safe bike riding tips and learn how to ride a bike.

      Before we get to the lessons, there are a few things that you should have in mind.

      There are many types of bikes. There are bikes for various kinds. There are mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, hybrid bikes, and off-road bikes. Since you are starting off from the very bottom, you should go for a bike that is light in weight and easy to ride. A Danish bike is often simple and easy to use and move around with.
      A bike should fit appropriately, and yours should be the right fit for you. An appropriate fit for you is like having a well-trimmed shirt that has been cut right for you. If the bike is not a right fit for you, then you sure will have a hard time riding it. If you are not sure about what the right fit of your bike should be, then it is important that you consult a bike specialist.

      Getting Ready
      The first step in riding is to set your bike up. Ensure that you can reach the ground when seated on your saddle. Next, ensure that you can comfortably reach the handlebars and the brakes.

      Know How to Get On And Off The Bike
      While getting on, let the bike lean towards you. As you do this, make sure that you apply the brakes at the same time, to prevent the bike from wobbling and rolling.

      Know How to Use The Brakes
      The brakes are an integral part of the bike. Brakes provide safety for you in case you feel that you are losing control of the bike. However, if not properly applied, braking, if done wrongly, can cause accidents and result in your getting hurt and the bike damaged. To practice applying the brakes, take a walk down the streets with your bike as you practice how to stop it. The point of this exercise is to learn to apply even pressure on the both brakes.

      Know How to Glide
      Once you have learned those first two steps, you are ready to take your first baby steps. Mount on your bike and scoot around, with your feet touching the ground. This exercise will help you feel the various adjustments that one should make to maintain balance. After scooting for a short while, get your two feet on to the ground and be as long as you can on the pedals. If you feel the need to balance, put your both feet to the ground again and then repeat the process. Once you are comfortable with your balance, then you can start pedaling.

      Know Where to Look
      It is difficult for many learners to keep their eyes looking forward. Most of them concentrate on looking for obstacles to avoid, while others concentrate on the pedaling magic that is happening beneath their feet. Try and look forwards, towards where your destination. Maintain a direct view but do not pin your eyes to some few meters right before you.

      Learn to ride with these necessary steps. One thing to help you win is: overcome your fears and enjoy yourself. Riding is supposed to be a fun activity, so don’t get so worked up about it. Some people take days; it may take you weeks. However, keep trying. Practice will make it perfect for you.

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