Happy Holidays!

We’re wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and holiday season!

It’s also not too late to pay your 2020-21 membership dues.

They are $30 and can be mailed to PO Box 709 Portland in 47371

Vintage Motor Bike Club Secretary,

Debbie Jackson


  1. Kevin Wilder says:

    Hey, Baldumbanzi ! I’m sorry for what I did at outlaw portland. Teenagers that you bully and threaten.like the way you did to me on the telephone Jan.24, wanted your address to T.P. and, egg your house in town. I’m sorry I did’nt tell them. You need counseling! Hope the club can afford a muzzle, helmet and, a shock collar so you don’t injure yourself at the next meet. If we have one. I do not take your threats lightly.

  2. Kevin Wilder says:

    2019-2020 membership 1455, 2020- 2021 membership 436. Baldanzi & Gerhardt need to be remove from office. The meet date changed back to July. If not done in the next 60 days, the club is history. Membership decline was not caused by covid 19. Date change of a major event is a killer mistake. They never change Sturgis, Indy 500, Masters tournament, Hershey swap meet, AMC Davenport meet, Old threaschers Mt. Pleasant Ia, Kings Royal sprintcar race Ohio, Rolex 24 at Daytona. The good board members of the club need to wake up and not be scared of Baldanzi ‘s dictator tactic’s.

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